Alex Kocman a Christian, husband, father, student of theology, writer, former youth pastor, missionary mobilizer, and church member.

He received his M.A. in Media and Communication Studies and B.S. in Biblical Studies through Liberty University, where he also served as an online evangelism and apologetics instructor with Liberty University Online from 2012-2014. From there, he spent two years as a Student Ministry Coordinator at LCBC Church. He now serves as Director of Advancement and Mobilization for ABWE, a theologically conservative, gospel-centered missions agency with more than 1,000 missionaries in nearly 70 countries.

His writing has been featured in various outlets including For the Church, 9Marks, Founders Ministries, Doctrine and Devotion, ABWE’s Message Magazine and blog, Liberty University News, American Bible Society’s Record magazine, and Christian Life News.

He resides with my wife, son, and daughter in rural Pennsylvania, where he spends his free time reading theology, weightlifting, playing guitar, and nursing heavy a heavy coffee addiction. He adheres to the 1689 London Baptist Confession and is a member in good standing Faith Bible Fellowship Church, where he preached regularly during 2019 as a Transition Leadership Team member and now leads worship on a weekly basis.

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