10 Google Searches Less Popular Than Jesus Christ

Google Trends allows users to compare popularity for popular search terms over time. Users can input topics and see which search terms have garnered the most interest over the last ten years. We live in a virtual world where what’s #trending is considered more important what’s timeless and true. That said, you may be surprised … Continue reading 10 Google Searches Less Popular Than Jesus Christ

Thanksgiving for the Non-Religious

How should a non-Christian society celebrate Thanksgiving? In our culture, we make Thanksgiving about enjoying life’s blessings more than really thanking God for them. To continue to call the day “thanksgiving” in a secular culture doesn’t make a lot of sense. So why did one famous Christian talk about thanksgiving every time he was talking … Continue reading Thanksgiving for the Non-Religious

4 Ways Jesus ‘Celebrated’ Halloween

Halloween means a lot of different things to people—jack-o-lanterns, creepy costumes, haunted maize fields, and candy by the bucket, to name a few. Did Jesus celebrate Halloween? Well, no. But he did do some familiar things that are worth celebrating today. 1. Jesus moved into the neighborhood wearing a disguise. Two thousand years ago, God himself … Continue reading 4 Ways Jesus ‘Celebrated’ Halloween

One Thing American Christians Won’t Do

There was a big problem in Malachi’s day. The people had stone cold hearts. The Levites—the priests, unique men called to represent the entire nation before God—was asleep at the wheel, mistreating their wives and withholding tithes. Worst of all, they were questioning God—not humbly or sincerely, but as if to challenge him. The people … Continue reading One Thing American Christians Won’t Do