3 Identities of the Christian Man

What is a Christian? In spite of the New Testament’s clarity, if you were to ask a dozen self-identified evangelicals about their Christian identity, you’d get a dozen, mystifying, disparate answers. Some would reject the label “Christian” in favor of a deconstructed term like “Jesus-follower” with presumably less cultural baggage. Some wouldn add a slew … Continue reading 3 Identities of the Christian Man

John Chau: Missions, Methodology, and Marytrdom

In the wake of the death of John Chau on the Indian island of North Sentinel, lots of questions have been raised about colonialism, conversionary missions, and a theology of sacrifice and martyrdom. Scott Dunford and I addressed these critical topics today in a special episode of The Missions Podcast. We humbly submit this interview … Continue reading John Chau: Missions, Methodology, and Marytrdom

The Time Mothering Saved the World

Conventional wisdom says that everybody loves their mother. It’s a man’s one thing—apart from one’s beard—that his fellow man isn’t to insult. Even Mussolini, nature dictates, had a soft spot for his mammina. But somehow, even though everyone has a mother, a segment of society has managed to declare war on motherhood. This war has … Continue reading The Time Mothering Saved the World

The Right Kind of Reductionism

“Evangelical” is a dirty word these days. Not just because of the politicization of the term; that’s a given. Rather, it’s becoming taboo even within theologically conservative, Bible-believing Christian circles (heretofore known as evangelicalism). W. Robert Godfrey, in lecture 72 of his church history series, notes that “evangelical” is not strictly synonymous with conservative Protestantism … Continue reading The Right Kind of Reductionism

The ‘Critical’ Threat to Mission

Author’s note: This article is cross-posted on Founders.org. There is a real, positive trend in evangelical churches (as unlikely as that statement seems as an opening for an article). “Missions” is no longer seen, by and large, as “from the West to the rest.” Christians are thinking beyond simply crossing arbitrary geopolitical borders and are reflecting upon … Continue reading The ‘Critical’ Threat to Mission