One Thing American Christians Won’t Do

There was a big problem in Malachi’s day. The people had stone cold hearts. The Levites—the priests, unique men called to represent the entire nation before God—was asleep at the wheel, mistreating their wives and withholding tithes. Worst of all, they were questioning God—not humbly or sincerely, but as if to challenge him. The people … Continue reading One Thing American Christians Won’t Do

Further Clothed, Not Unclothed

When the believer suffers affliction, the Holy Spirit places within him a certain yearning. For relief, indeed. But properly understood and experienced, the sort of craving relief from affliction imparted by God is of wholly different nature from man's regular self-preservation instinct. For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, … Continue reading Further Clothed, Not Unclothed