‘Jesus, That’s Just True for You’

How many of us have heard—perhaps even used—some of these common responses to the Gospel? “That might be true for you, but not me.” “That’s your opinion, but are you saying people of other religions are wrong?” “Whatever helps you live a good life, that’s what matters.” All these clichés that permeate our conversations are … Continue reading ‘Jesus, That’s Just True for You’

5 Marks of a Faithful Sending Church

Not everyone is called to be a cross-cultural missionary who takes the gospel to unreached places. So what does Scripture say to those who stay behind? It is just as much a church’s responsibility to send as it is a missionary’s responsibility to go. One of the greatest missionary rally-cry passages in the Bible, Romans … Continue reading 5 Marks of a Faithful Sending Church

4 Ways Jesus ‘Celebrated’ Halloween

Halloween means a lot of different things to people—jack-o-lanterns, creepy costumes, haunted maize fields, and candy by the bucket, to name a few. Did Jesus celebrate Halloween? Well, no. But he did do some familiar things that are worth celebrating today. 1. Jesus moved into the neighborhood wearing a disguise. Two thousand years ago, God himself … Continue reading 4 Ways Jesus ‘Celebrated’ Halloween