Two Ways to Live in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

Well, it’s Wednesday, and the radical left, the Christian right, and every political permutation in the middle can finally all agree about something. Unfortunately, it’s the germane observation that no one can agree about anything. “Post-truth politics” now has its own Wikipedia entry. Some blame the way we’ve taught history for the breakdown—others blame the … Continue reading Two Ways to Live in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

‘Jesus, That’s Just True for You’

How many of us have heard—perhaps even used—some of these common responses to the Gospel? “That might be true for you, but not me.” “That’s your opinion, but are you saying people of other religions are wrong?” “Whatever helps you live a good life, that’s what matters.” All these clichés that permeate our conversations are … Continue reading ‘Jesus, That’s Just True for You’