How Covenant Theology Clarifies Justice Issues

Whether we owe it to the spirit of the age or to the quirks of our own subculture, we evangelicals generally disdain labels. We prefer to be “Christ-followers,” not Christians; “gospel-centered,” not Baptist, Protestant, or Reformed. This isn’t always a bad thing. Labels carry baggage. And besides that, our primary commitment is to Scripture, not … Continue reading How Covenant Theology Clarifies Justice Issues

5 Principles of Biblical Restitution

Increasingly, biblically-aware Christians are consulting their Old Testaments to help them navigate modern issues of social justice and biblical. Unsurprisingly, as conversations over racial reconciliation escalate within the church, the notion of reparations has come to the fore, and many are inquiring as to what extent it may overlap with the biblical concept of restitution. … Continue reading 5 Principles of Biblical Restitution

Great Commission Christianity Is Cosmic-Redemptive Christianity

Charles Spurgeon famously commented, “Of two evils, choose neither.” Well, to borrow from the prince of preachers, I’d like to argue: Given a choice in a false dichotomy, choose both. Recently, an scholarly evangelical voice took to the web to denounce what he termed “Great Commission Christianity,” defined loosely as “a truncated view of the … Continue reading Great Commission Christianity Is Cosmic-Redemptive Christianity

Resentment and the Market Demand for ‘Reconciliation’

At a recent medical consult, a doctor strongly recommended I schedule a particular outpatient surgical procedure. Since I’d been having some discomfort, I quickly obliged and booked the appointment. Of course, as the date of the surgery drew near, I weighed the costs and realized my recovery would be far worse than my current discomfort. … Continue reading Resentment and the Market Demand for ‘Reconciliation’

The Cost of ‘Kingdom’ Talk

Author’s note: this article is cross-posted on Everybody wants the rights to the term “kingdom.” The word, as an adjective in Christian parlance, roughly translates, “Any vaguely spiritual activity or notion.” Clocking a few hours at a soup kitchen isn’t just volunteerism, it’s “kingdom work.” My menial life can be transcended and replaced with … Continue reading The Cost of ‘Kingdom’ Talk

The ‘Critical’ Threat to Mission

Author’s note: This article is cross-posted on There is a real, positive trend in evangelical churches (as unlikely as that statement seems as an opening for an article). “Missions” is no longer seen, by and large, as “from the West to the rest.” Christians are thinking beyond simply crossing arbitrary geopolitical borders and are reflecting upon … Continue reading The ‘Critical’ Threat to Mission