John Chau: Missions, Methodology, and Marytrdom

In the wake of the death of John Chau on the Indian island of North Sentinel, lots of questions have been raised about colonialism, conversionary missions, and a theology of sacrifice and martyrdom. Scott Dunford and I addressed these critical topics today in a special episode of The Missions Podcast. We humbly submit this interview … Continue reading John Chau: Missions, Methodology, and Marytrdom

Further Clothed, Not Unclothed

When the believer suffers affliction, the Holy Spirit places within him a certain yearning. For relief, indeed. But properly understood and experienced, the sort of craving relief from affliction imparted by God is of wholly different nature from man's regular self-preservation instinct. For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, … Continue reading Further Clothed, Not Unclothed