Are Some Cultures ‘Better’ Than Others?

Author’s note: this article is cross-posted on “When I went to war, I marked my enemies like a sniper. And when I got to them, I chopped their heads off with a knife.” These are the translated words of Wangloi Wangshu, one of the few surviving members of the Naga headhunting tribe in northern India, documented … Continue reading Are Some Cultures ‘Better’ Than Others?

The Cost of ‘Kingdom’ Talk

Author’s note: this article is cross-posted on Everybody wants the rights to the term “kingdom.” The word, as an adjective in Christian parlance, roughly translates, “Any vaguely spiritual activity or notion.” Clocking a few hours at a soup kitchen isn’t just volunteerism, it’s “kingdom work.” My menial life can be transcended and replaced with … Continue reading The Cost of ‘Kingdom’ Talk