5 Ways to Pray Missionally

We restless North Americans struggle immensely to prevail in prayer. I struggle in prayer. I see impoverished, persecuted believers in other parts of the world praying with fervor, corporately and individually, and I marvel at my own ineptitude when it comes to conversation with God. Yet prayer is an inescapable concept. Desperation of any sort produces dependence … Continue reading 5 Ways to Pray Missionally

The Secret to Satisfying Rest

Saturday. A much-needed day off. Saturday means sleeping in, sipping coffee, picking up a book, and spending quality time with my wife. But somehow, Saturday can become one of the most unrestful, dissatisfying days of the week. Boredom emerges out of relaxation, breeding conflict and discontentment. Hours spent lazing in front of entertainment feel painfully … Continue reading The Secret to Satisfying Rest