Two years in a row now, my friend Neil Olcott, who runs our local chapter of the C.S. Lewis Institute discipleship program, has made the unfortunate blunder of inviting me to lecture on the topic of the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare.

You’d think the poor chap would have learned his lesson after the first year. But since he’s not on to me yet, I’m counting it a high privilege to have presented to the group, and am deeply grateful to Mr. Olcott for the opportunity.

And so, without further ado, I present to you that very talk. The audio file attached to this post is a rough, ever-so-lightly edited field recording from this morning. I pray it is of some benefit to you as well, assuming you’d be so kind as to listen.

And, while I’m on it—if you or someone you know is in the Central Pennsylvania area and wants to pursue intense, focused spiritual growth, would you prayerfully considering joining the program? It’s a wonderful group of believers from a variety of stripes pursuing Christ together, both intellectually and practically, and word has it they’re taking registrants for the next cycle.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Enjoy.

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