I have no regrets.

Given the chance, there are plenty of things in my life I would’ve done differently. I would’ve listened more to my dad. I would’ve read more attentively in school. I would’ve gone on a short-term missions trip in college. I would’ve entered foster care and adoption with my wife with more training.

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One thought on “I’m Not a Missionary. Am I Making Excuses?

  1. Our God sometimes arranges the strangest things. I don’t know how you got my name and email but I am so blessed this morning to read about you. I woke up wanting to write my column for the newspaper that would minister to others only to feel I needed someone to lift my heart. Reading about you and your ministry did it, a reminder God still has His “7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” I tried to answer on your site but it asks for my website or blog and I don’t have one. I am 94 and was already out of the loop when social media took over. Instead, I wrote–articles, letters, a small devotional book locally printed, then a book about my life in Pakistan, now on Amazon. I knew the ABWE children and their parents because of the missionary children’s school. They crossed a thousand miles of India to attend. We missionaries were a community of faithful people, not without differences or difficulties, but with love in the making as we were being made into His image. I am now finishing my third book, simple lessons about finding God in His creation, my backyard. Blessings on you, a hearty thanks for your ministry and greetings to any

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